Feb 26, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Sorry for not posting in over a month. Unlike Sara and Renee, blogging really isn't my long term thing. You'll notice that Jeremy got nothing after our return flight in 2005!

But since Sara harassed me personally, I figured I'd go ahead and confess. We were jealous when we saw that Mya had to go to the emergency room to have a Lego extracted from her nose, so we staged a fall from the booster seat at the kitchen table on to the tiled floor in order to take Leah to the pediatric orthopedic to get a cast for chipped elbow bone. She'll be in a cast for another two weeks although she doesn't seem the least affected by it's presence. Apparently that was not the case as it was being "installed."

For the record, you are more likely to see more updates if you join the Facebook revolution and make friends with Angela and I. Old people are joining up in droves. What are you waiting for??

(Editor's note: to avoid a call from DSS, the 2nd paragraph is completely fictitious. Although Leah did suffer a fall from her chair while coloring with the boys, neither Angela or I encouraged the inhumane treatment of our daughter.)