Nov 7, 2008

We're Coming Leah!

I was just checking in to see if the blog was ready for our next trip to China to adopt our daughter Leah. We spent Thanksgiving 2005 in China when we adopted Jeremy, and it appears that there may be a good chance that we will be spending Christmas 2008 in China this time around. I wonder what Our Lady of Lourdes on Shamian Island does for Jesus' birthday?

When we flew overseas last time, we started with Hong Kong (HK) which was the nearest international airport to Jeremy's home town. We had a great time as you can see in the older blog posts, but we had to keep telling people that we did not visit the Great Wall as it was nowhere near HK. While the Chinese government could authorize travel through HK again, it would appear that Leah's home town is much closer to Beijing. That would mean an opportunity to adjust to the time difference while visiting the Wall and the architecture from the Summer Olympics!

While Angela has been keeping up with every step of the journey to adopting our first daughter, I have been keeping busy with other activities and not spending much time or thought on when the big day would arrive. Now that we have received our travel authorization and know that travel will occur in the next 4-6 weeks, the nervous excitement is beginning to build. I'm still concerned about how Jeremy will be able to handle two weeks without mom and dad, and I will feel rotten if we wind up missing Christmas and Eli's birthday with the family, but it is sure to be an exciting trip with a reward to offset these unintended side effects. I'm hoping I can get my parents set up with a working Skype account so that we have the ability to keep in touch with them (and the boys) during our journey.

As a side note, I thought it was interesting that I started this blog exactly four years ago today! Who knew when I was speaking prophetically about the state of the American economy that I would be using this blog to document the adoptions of two of our children?! Too bad the namesake of the blog couldn't be around to meet Leah. Look for another post once we have specifics on where and when we will be flying overseas.


  1. Thanks for getting this going again. I sure do miss that dog.:(


  2. Oh, i have tears. Red brown hound.....she was a beauty

  3. You are amazing. What a great treat to follow your stories (although a bit lengthy). I also got tears reading about Kira - she lives on in our memories. Great pictures!