Dec 16, 2015

6,000+ Words?

Sometimes I just don't have enough material (or interest) to devote an entire post to a specific event while in China. Here are some miscellaneous pictures that didn't make the cut for an individual post, but deserved a little space on the blog anyway. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than this entry should be good for a six thousand or so.

Thorny exterior houses fleshy, white fruit which tastes like a muscadine grape
Sera's favorite breakfast item. Drinkable yogurt. She puts away 3+ per day
1) Nature is everywhere in China, even alongside elevated roads
2) QR codes are everywhere too -- TV commercials, billboards, headrests on bus...
Seraphina made the medical visit look easy. Didn't even shed a tear for the TB shot
Vending machine for liquor! $16 for a fifth of whiskey and no ID check.
Not sure where her new look comes from? Showing off the good leg in public draws stares. We just shrug.


  1. Eric just sent me your blog address. Congratulations! Seraphina is beautiful. No plans for us to return to China just yet ... though I must say the pull for me is strong!

  2. Sera is so adorable! And I seriously love that little look with her pant leg up!