Nov 30, 2005

St Mark in the house!

At last we are reunited with the Brunos. We arrived in Guangzhou on Monday evening after a very troubling plane ride. Seems Jeremy was beyond his tolerance for lack of sleep but couldn't drift off due to the excitement of the terminal and the turbulence on the plane. The only quiet time we had was when he stopped to inhale before unleashing the terrors of hell a bit longer. People stared which didn't help my cause as we had nothing to offer him for consolation except to pass him back and forth in an eternal struggle to find just the right position that would allow him to rest comfortably. We managed that as we were touching down at our destination around 10 PM. Fortunately he pulled off an Eli-like stupor where nothing could wake him -- we successfully picked up our bags, met our rep, took the 45-minute ride to the hotel and got him into bed without too much more trouble. Originally I thought he was experinecing trauma of leaving "home" which meant we'd be in for a long trip to America, but I think Angela was right in that it was sleep related instead. Hopeully he'll do OK on the trip home -- we leave Saturday morning (Fri, 5:30 PM EST) for a short trip to Hong Kong and then the long trip home.

Tuesday we joined two new couples from Denver (both had older adopted children, 2 and 4, and one was a boy) to head for the doctor's exam and fill out paperwork for our upcoming appointment with the US Consulate. The doctor poked and prodded to examine Jeremy's scrotum cyst which brought on hysteria on his part. I kept telling him to kick the doctor or pee in his face as I would have done likewise if poked and prodded there, but apparently Jeremy does not understand all English yet. He does respond to his new name and seems to understand some phrases that are repeated often -- like "No, Jeremy" and "Put that down, Jeremy." We think he also understands "Come here, Jeremy" although we're not entirely sure as it typically leads to chasing a giggling boy down the hall.

That afternoon the Brunos rolled into town. We reunited for an eat-in delivery at the hotel from Danny's Bagels. I don't know who "Danny" is or what his nationality is, but he has made the most American-like food we have had since arriving in China. Angela and I split a "cheesesteak pizza" while the Brunos had steak sandwiches and noodle soup. After lots of comparing of trips to our respective cities for our adoptions, we called it a night. Bedtime was about 8 PM and we typically sleep through to 6 AM on top of a 2 hour nap each afternoon. I think Angela and I enjoy the extra hours even more than Jeremy as we are usually wiped as each day comes to an end.

Today (Wednesday) we met the Brunos for breakfast. The White Swan hotel excels on this free breakfast buffet and typically I lead the table (or at least I'm in a close tie with Angela -- yes, Angela -- ask Scott if you don't believe me) at comsumption. Today I awoke to a fever though and left breakfast to a bowl of Cheerios and some tea. I'm just getting up at 2 PM from a long rest in bed to make this entry. Jeremy and I were near some caged parakeets, but I think this fever is not related to those avian critters.

On our wanderings around the small island where the hotel is located, we came across a Catholic Church, Our Lady of Lourdes. It comes complete with a Marian grotto and a beautiful, although small, sanctuary that is in dire need of repair. Plaster is falling off in virtually every part of the building and it has a run down look with wood benches, although it did have lovely kneelers. We stopped in long enough to pray for a few minutes and show Jeremy the stations and the tabernacle. He was just a bit fidgety so we will have our work cut out for us next Sunday! An old lady smiled at us as we genuflected on our way out -- it was comforting to see that the faith exists in some unlikely places. We noticed that they offer daily Mass at 6:45 AM. We're not sure if Jeremy would be up for that kind of outing or if the Mass would be valid -- I've heard a lot about state-run churches, although I tend to think that if we went in good faith, it wouldn't be held against us for participating is a Mass that wasn't sanctioned by the Vatican. We've got two mornings left to decide what to do.

This evening we plan on dinner out with the Brunos again (Scott posted from my laptop this morning and made sure to unlock his blog if anyone wants to catch up on posting there). Tomorrow is our appointment with the Consulate where we take an oath and receive the final adoption papers along with citizenship papers for Jeremy that go into effect as soon as we touch down in Newark. We have enjoyed our stay in China, but cannot stress enough how much we long to get home and back to a normal routine. Even a long flight with an infant cannot deter us from our desire to get back.


  1. Eric and Angela,
    So glad to get another day with you on the web! Eric thanks for being so sharing with all your experiences! We look forward to meeting Jeremy, I do beleive Andrew has a new partner in crime to play with haha! I am sure he is as sweet as a pie too! Angela, Looking forward to a visit from you with both Eli and Jeremy, I know the boys would love it! You are in our prayers and the days are now short. Take care and kiss Mary for me with a big hug and Scott too!
    Love to you all! Donna and family

  2. Dan and Josie11/30/2005 5:43 PM

    Hi guys, Glad to hear from you again. We look forward to looking at both of your sites. It makes us feel like we are there with you. We are so excited and Jeremy sounds like a blast. Glad to see you found a church, valid or not. It still is like having a piece of home with you. I know Eli is looking forward to your return. He seems to be having a ball everytime I talk to Joan. Hugs and kisses to everyone. Have a safe journey home. We can't wait. By the way, tell Scott and Mary, I am so jealous. Pink is definitely Clare's color. Love in Christ, The Pressley's.

  3. Eric I finally remembered to check in. I'm very glad that all is going well and look forward to hearing about your trip next Bible study. I'll be praying for and awating your safe return. Congratulations to you and Angela and say hi to Scott and Mary. Perhaps Scott can help you with the blinkie problem. It sounds very similar to his wetsuit fixation. Please post his blog url if you can.

    God Bless Y'all


  4. Hey Angela and Eric,
    I hope you are able to get this before your flight home. Just wanted to let you know that Eli's been a real trooper and 'hung in there' really well. However, I do think he's probably very ready to be back under his own roof, with his own rules (well, your rules that is!), and his own routine, and, most especially, his own Mommy and Daddy!!! He's probably had his fill of being one of four preschooler/toddlers in the family and of having to share, compete, squabble, and even have fun playing with three others! :) I just hope my sweet angelic (HA!) children haven't taught him any new "behaviors!" Eric may never let him in my care again! :) He's been faithfully coloring in his dinosaur chart. I don't even have to remind him. And he's a much better listener/direction-follower than my kids are! Although he's a little sensitive, he's been no hardship to us at all, and I'm really glad to have offered to keep him for you. I hope it has helped you in your China and Jeremy endevors! We've been talking up little brother to him a lot, suggesting how he can teach Jeremy all about dinosaurs, Kira and Zeke, how he plays in the back yard, etc., etc. Grandma is supposed to be coming by tomorrow afternoon to get him, although I haven't talked to her to finalize a time yet. I'm sure she'll catch me tomorrow. We're planning the CREDO Pizza Hut and latin choir practice run tomorrow and, then, back to church later for Armata Bianca. Can't wait to talk to you/see you in a few days!!
    Love Joannie